Every December since 2015, Ho-Ho-Hobos has provided jobs on the streets by employing homeless folks to make and sell Christmas wreaths (and now toys and ornaments!). Our model is to work with the street community to empower unhoused leadership. By engaging people not only making wreaths (paid), but also organizing and facilitating the project (unpaid), we foster a sense of ownership, self-worth, and pride.

What started one winter in a fireworks stand on loan from a Nisqually elder is now coming into our 5th season. Along the way we’ve had a small impact in the lives of hundreds of wreath makers, and a much larger impact on a smaller handful of fully engaged participants.

In addition, the project has served as an emergency aid station, donation drop, self-organized pocket shelter, gear locker for folks seeking work, and used wreath sales to fund a homeless-led laundry drive, resuscitating derelict camp blankets for redistribution.

We’ve often been told, and we believe, that the project has a positive ripple effect throughout the homeless community.


Got questions? Want to help with the project or locate the Sales Sleigh?

Shoot us an email at admin@hohohobos.com