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Walker Stephens’ zine “RIP PIX” remembers PiXiE/Melanie, a close friend, wreath maker, and member of Olympia’s homeless and street community who died in 2017. “RIP PIX” deals with potentially upsetting or triggering topics, such as suicidality, drug use, and sexual violence.

“We pass a thermos without words, drinking in front of a closed storefront on 4th. Drizzly mists of traffic slosh past, and Saturday’s nightlife flickers ignition on the stumble-machine. We pour one out for Dead Inside and the sidewalk bleeds. Liquor smearing tears on dirty pavement, washing through gutters into the bay, where rolling waves bounce under countless droplets of sorrow. The street hurts tonight.

For a life lived on the street: laughed on the street, cried on the street, died on the street:

We mourn on the street. A world pub crawls along.

Through a funeral.”


“RIP PIX” ships for free in the US.